Air tours to Chernobyl

February 2024
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One of the most unforgettable trips – flight over the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, Pripyat town and the cooling pond.

You’ll see legendary places from the bird’s-eye view (~ 200-500 m). You will be able to fly up to the giant antennas DUGA-1 and town CHORNOBYL-2 flying over a ghost town Pripyat, see ChNPP from the new angles, which were not available to the guests of the Exclusion Zone, who use vehicles.

Thanks to this air tour, with the consent of Her Majesty of Nature, will allow you to discover the secrets of the abandoned Exclusion Zone territory, see herds of Przewalsky horses, wild boars, and if you’re lucky enough – even mooses.

Video and photography is permitted during the flight.

Attention! Air Tours have no age limit and allows people under 18 years see the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone!


The schedule of the air tours:
Duration of the tour: 3-6 hours (including transfer to the airfield).
Departure time: during daylight hours.
Flight duration: ~2 hours by plane and ~1.15 hours by helicopter. In case of request to increase the duration of air tour, the price will be changed..
Departure place: airfield near Kiev. You may book a transfer from Kiev to the airfield and back additionally.
Transportation: to the airport – by car or minivan, in the air – one-, two- or three-seater light aircraft or Robinson helicopter.
Weight limit: 130kg for 1 person, 170kg for 2 people, 210kg for 3 people.
Insurance: included in the price.

Attention! In the case of sudden changes in the weather or due to request of aeronautical service, the departure may be delayed for up to 2 hours or canceled. In case of cancellation of the tour on the day of departure the cost of the tour will be refunded to the client, except for the 25% tour prepayment, which compensates in the next Air Tour.

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Due to the fact that CHORNOBYL AIR TOUR uses lightweight aircraft in flight, depending on weather conditions there could be “bumpy flight”, so that’s why people with poor vestibular apparatus may feel sick.
Therefore, we recommend you not to eat or drink 2 hours before the flight, and, whenever possible, to insure yourself with drugs-vestibular suppressor. In case of cancellation of the tour during the flight, due to poor health or other reasons, the tour cost is not refundable.

For CHERNOBYL AIR TOUR function the same rules, as in the Exclusion Zone, except for the requirement of closed outwear.

On board of the aircraft are not allowed people, who:

intoxicated with alcohol or in a state of alcohol /drug hangover;
carrying weapons or any other prohibited items;
fails to comply with the pilots requests. In the case of the occurrence of such a situation, tour ends immediately, the aircraft returns to base.