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Chernobyl buffer zone


Chernobyl visit

Deserted schools and kindergartens, broken window shops, deserted parks and streets.
It’s a picture as in Zombie Apocalypse movie, what do you think? You think this is scenery of another cinema masterpiece? No, this is ghost town of Pripyat streets.

Chernobyl on the map

Someone already got their chance to appreciate sensational TV movies from HBO; Just likes extreme tourism, also someone dreams traveling to chernobyl. Travel to Chernobyl, obviously is worth this! It emotionalize, remain indifferent you want be staying. We exactly know what to do for your Chernobyl travel to be memorable and fool proof.

Gaining momentum Visits to Chernobyl year by year. A growing number of tourists from various countries seeking of seeing themselves devastating pictures of deadly destroying explosion at nuclear reactor four. Pripyat city and exclusion zone located on the Ukraine territory. Today it remains closed and requires a pass of Chernobyl visits. Visiting Chernobyl, you can by ordering a tour that leads you by a certain route. Organizers needs to order for you passes in advance.

Facts on Chernobyl disaster

Accident at the Chernobyl disaster power plant is located at Ukraine territory, occurred April 26, 1986. It counts one of the worst and deadliest human history disasters. Two powerful explosions in a matter of minutes destroyed reactor forth. Result of this disaster, was a global radiation leak, you can compared this to 500 atomic bombs.

Consequences of terrible tragedy touched not only not only citizens of Ukraine and USSR. Full cloud of radiation gone with the wind to the depths of Europe and dangerous precipitation fell even in Ireland. It is widely thought that, accident of Chernobyl nuclear power plant is the largest in the history of nuclear power, in both ways, casualties number and environmental such as damage.

Today most attractive places for tourists Chernobyl visit remains Pripyat city and nuclear power plant, for this year it became a frightening monument of tragedy. Not to mention the Red Forest, which have received an enormous fraction of radiation after explosion

What happened in Chernobyl in 1986?

For more than 30 years, 26 April is a day of remembrance for crash victim of the terrible fire accident on the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl.
It was this awful day of 1986, as a result of their ordeals on the fourth reactor produced a massive outbreak, which led to the destruction of the power unit and a massive fire.

With the power of brave Fire marshals, that managed to put out the deadly flames and avoid a larger tragedy. However, the aftermath of the accident was unstoppable.
The explosive blast destroyed the security system and airborne 8 tons of nuclear fuel and graphite retardant fragments.

What caused the disaster in Chernobyl?

How could such an emergency situation have happened in such a powerful state as USSR? Who’s responsible and what really happened? The political significance of the disaster affected on the course of the investigation, so stories changed over time.

Lovers of “conspiracy theories” are probably disappointed. The main culprit of global disaster is factor of human mistake and haste. Fourth power unit explosion occurred during the experimental testing of safety reserves of the reactor. When the test was already started, the emergency cooling system was deactivated, which led to irreversible aftereffect.

That fateful night, April 26, 1986, the employees that worked on atomic powerplant switched control to an automatic regulation of the system and reactor lost control. Critical data of the reactor parameters did not stop the shift foreman, and he gave an order, test to continue. In a matter of seconds, uncontrolled steam formation began and two powerful explosions struck the fourth reactor.

How many people died in Chernobyl?

If you have seen «Chernobyl» series, then surely the horrific scenes of dying people impressed you. Scriptwriters did pay a lot of attention on details and gave them very realistic picture, but historians tend to believe that disaster scale was grossly exaggerated.

According to official sources, in the first hours when accident happened, two people died in the first hours of the accident from injuries. Next two weeks, this number of casualties increased to 85, but this was due in large part to the burns sustained during the fire suppression.

Myths exists, that huge radiation spilling after this disaster at Chernobyl caused radiation-associated cancer incidence in people at aries that was affected during this period. In the web you can find information of hundreds of thousands of victims.

In fact, World Health Organization was analysing the information collected for about 20 years and building models to determine the correct and exact number of victims. According to their figures, the number is not more than 4,000.

Chernobyl aftermath

Undoubtedly, a catastrophe of this magnitude could not pass without a trace. The result of the accident, 17 European countries with 200,000 square kilometers of a total surface area were exposed to a fixed contamination of radiation. The most suffered Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
Tragic events have not only changed thousands of lives, forcing people to abandon homes and property. This tragedy dealt a major setback to the nuclear industry and economic. The construction of new nuclear power plants was completely frozen, after the disaster.

It is possible to highlight other environmental impacts that are still being felt today:
1. Town ecology. Open streets areas, parks, the most polluted were roofs and walls. Radiation level was so high, that the authorities was forced to start evacuate of population within in radius of 30-kilometre of the radiation source.
2. Agricultural ecology. The soil became unfit for sowing, after the explosion. Running the risk of dangerous substances being promoted along the food chain. Score of collective farms, State farms and farms, was decided to be close.
3. Water ecology. Water bodies have been less polluted. The natural exchange brought the numbers up to a tolerable standard in just a few weeks.
4. Forest ecology. In a 10-kilometre zone, radioactive dust completely destroyed coniferous tree species. The forest, which have took the brunt of the attack, has acquired a red color and has become one of the main Chernobyl tourism attractions of modern.
Due to the long period of decay of caesium-137, the ecological situation in the Zone of Exclusion has become critical and uninhabitable for many years.
After the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, an entombment consisting of concrete mixture and metal structures was erected in record time. It covered the destroyed reactor and was the only division between deadly substances and the environment until April 2012, when the work on the creation of the «Ark» facility began. The trial operation of the new confinement began only in the spring of 2019.
Today, Chernobyl visitors can only see all this power from afar. The radiation levels at the sarcophagus are too high to be close

Where is Chernobyl located

If you are interested in tourism to Chernobyl, or travel to Chernobyl, it is good to know to where you intend to go. The 30-kilometre zone of exclusion  of  Chernobyl nuclear power plant is located in the Kiev region on the Pripyat River, which flows with the Dnieper River and fall into the Black Sea.

If you are planning a visit to Chernobyl or are travelling to Chernobyl, you should take care of tickets to Kiev. To Zone of exclusion from the capital city, journey will take no more than two hours.

Chernobyl is located just 86 km from the capital of Ukraine and 10 km from the border with Belarus. Today the city is not completely deserted, as it is home to about one and a half thousand people who continue to serve the facility.

After the accident at the fourth reactor, the evacuation of the population from the 30-kilometre zone was organized, which included:
• Chernobyl;
•  Pripyat;
•  Polessou;
•  Vilcha;
•  Part of the Zhitomir region.

Initially, scientists argued that the area would not be inhabited for the next century after the disaster. Today, the danger zone has been reduced to 10 kilometers. Its biosphere reserve includes hundreds of rare species.

In 2019, the President of Ukraine officially approved tourism to Chernobyl also Chernobyl visiting and signed a decree to open for visitors the Zone of Exclusion from all over the world. Attracting investment will preserve the historic site and save it from permanent decay.

If you like to travel, want new experiences, or simply succumb to friends’ beliefs about extreme tourism, it is necessary to organize a visit to Chernobyl, 100% you will love Chernobyl visiting. We would love to help you with that.

Can you visit Chernobyl ?

This question bothers unsophisticated tourists who are planning their first Chernobyl visit or Chernobyl travel. Yes, it is possible. You will ask, Chernobyl can you visit, we will reply: Chernobyl travel has become extremely popular in recent years due to its exclusiveness, unconventional approach and financial accessibility.
Visits to Pripyat and the Exclusion Zone are permitted as part of organized groups under the supervision of a trained guide. The excursion takes place strictly according to the agreed route and subject to availability of passes. You can visit Chernobyl for a period of one day to a week. Individual offers are possible.

Is it safe to visit Chernobyl? 

Chernobyl visitors often worry about the possibility of a dangerous dose of radiation and the threat to their own health. Do not worry about it. In three decades, background of radiation in the Zone of Exclusion has dropped to normal levels. Only some objects continue to « be radioactive», but the experienced guide will conduct the route away from such places.

The visit to Chernobyl or Chernobyl tourism is an overview tour of landmark sites with interesting stories and photos to remember. You can find out more information on this topic in the article at the link:

How to get to Chernobyl ?

You can visit Chernobyl as a guest of the capital of Ukraine. The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Kiev is regular flights. Transfer from the capital city to Chernobyl will get you about two hours.

For more detailed information, future Chernobyl visitors can get by following the link:


Where to stay in Kiev?

If you decide to visit Chernobyl, then you will probably be interested in information about where you can stay in Kiev. Stay in the capital of Ukraine for a couple of days and enjoy not only the bright extreme tour, but also the rich sights of the city.

There is plenty of variants where you can stay in Kiev. You may prefer a modest but cosy hostel with a budget of 10 USD or a hotel room, in which the pricing policy starts from 25 USD.

If you are only getting a hang of tourism to Chernobyl and visiting the capital of Ukraine for the first time, so we recommend paying attention to the location of the hotel or hostel. Give preference to the central part of the city, from which it is easy to get to any part of Kiev.


Which Chernobyl tours to pick?

Chernobyl tourist can choose one of the programs offered by the tour operator:

Visits to Chernobyl differ not only in the cost and in number of days spent in the Exclusion Zone. Roadmaps also take apart with their content and routes.

If you want your visit to Chernobyl to be brighter and more memorable, choose multi-day tours. They allow you to cover the maximum territory and get an unforgettable experience.
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