Multi-day tours to Chernobyl

December 2023
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The tour includes:

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We meet from 7:30 to 7:50 a.m. in Kyiv, near Kyiv main railway station – South terminal (meeting place on the map).
We depart from Kyiv at 8:00 a.m. SHARP.
We will arrive back to Kiev approximately at 6 – 9 p.m.
We will arrange overnight in Chernobyl’s hotel.
If booked beforehand, at 7-9 p.m. you have dinner at the Chernobyl canteen and at 2 p.m. on the last day – lunch at the canteen of the ChNPP.
A hearty and ecologically-clean meal costs $5-9 per person. It is not included into the cost of the trip and is optional.
If you are a vegetarian, please inform CHERNOBYL TOUR manager about your eating habits when booking the trip.
In case of no-show, the trip payment is not refunded.
You are to have your passport on you! WITHOUT THE PASSPORT NO ONE IS LET IN THE ZONE!
According to the Zone regulations, you are to wear:
– a jacket or a shirt with long sleeves;
– trousers (NO shorts, NO knee-breeches, NO skirts, NO leggings);
– boots or sneakers, which fully cover your feet WITHOUT FANCY OPENINGS please.
Before the departure you have to sign two documents, confirming that you won’t have any claims to the Chernobyl zone administration and trip organizers if your private belongings get contaminated or health deteriorates, which may or may not occur during/after the trip.
We travel by a comfortable van (DVD, air conditioning).

map of tour locations

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3-7 unforgetable day
14 posts dosimetric control
40+ exciting stops in the soviet past
300+ abandoned buildings
800+ awesome photos
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Several-day tours

It’s impossible to see all objects of interest of the Chernobyl Zone and to explore its diversity for only a couple of days. For this reason, resulting from the fact that many people want to visit the most exotic place in Ukraine, or maybe even in Europe, and considering the increase in demand for the trips to this region, a unique offer appeared – several-day tours to the Chernobyl zone (from three to seven days of permanent stay in the zone).

Several-day tours to the exclusion zone include an eventful program, a lot of photos, new knowledge, emotions, and experiences. The routes are made in a way that tourists can make individual adjustments (revisit to some places, long stay near specific objects, photoshoots). In the trip, you will be accompanied by a professional guide and an interpreter if necessary. The guide will watch over the safety along the tour, share the most interesting and important information and answer all the questions.

The main items of the standard program of the several-day tour to Chernobyl:

  • completion of the on-site basic radiation survival training;
  • meeting samosely, getting to know their lifestyle and if so desired – assistance in their household chores;
  • trip to Red Forest;
  • journey in the city of Pripyat (bus depot, fire station, the hotel «Polessye», central square, amusement park, hospital, town dock, cinema theater, City Executive Committee);
  • the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (sarcophagus, viewpoint, cooling pond, visit to the observation building);
  • tour of modern Chernobyl (exhibition, helicopter pad, memorial complex, fire station), and getting to know its Jewish history;
  • neighboring abandoned settlements;
  • seeing the unique natural phenomena of the zone (a moss, which collects and concentrates radiation, places of intact nature);
  • museum of local lore;
  • sites of vehicle decontamination depot;
  • experimental station of radiation biology of animal subjects;
  • secret object Chernobyl-2 (giant arrays);
  • checking into a hotel within the limits of Chernobyl.

It’s worth noting that tourists can ask to add or remove some objects from the route, they can also change the duration of stay and make some other personal requests.