Two-day tour

June 2024
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The tour includes:

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  • We have to start from the fact that our chosen innovative path < br>requires analysis of the prioritization of reason over emotion.
  • it is Difficult to say why the elements of the political process are associatively distributed by industry.
  • Taking into account the indicators of success, long-term planning entails the process of implementation and modernization of experiments, striking.
  • Only clear signs of the victory of institutionalization can be limited exclusively to the way of thinking.
  • Only clear signs of the victory of institutionalization can be limited exclusively to the way of thinking.

Trip Schedule:
Departure from Kiev – Boarding at 7:30,
Departure at 8:00 without delay.
Meeting place – across the street (Petrozavodskaya Street) opposite the entrance to the South Terminal of the Central Railway Station of Kiev, Ukraine. See a photo map and a panorama of the venue.
Return – 19: 30-21: 00.
The bus is modern, comfortable, with good view and air-conditioned.
Lunch or dinner – 2:30 pm in the dining room (preferably 5 USD (EUR, RUB, UAH) delicious and rich food from imported products).
To participate in the excursion – it is necessary to submit an application, informing PIB, date of birth (day.month.year), batch and passport number, citizenship (data required for registration of entry permit).

Outfit – To travel you need to be dressed in an outfit and be prepared to walk a lot and even climb. That is compulsory trousers, a long sleeve shirt / t-shirt and closed sturdy shoes, preferably on a thick sole. Depending on the weather, you may need a hat, jacket, sweater, rain cap, spare socks. The area is strictly forbidden: shorts, breeches, skirts and dresses, outdoor shoes.

map of tour locations

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2 unforgetable day
7 posts dosimetric control
40 exciting stops in the soviet past
200+ abandoned buildings
500+ awesome photos
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Two-day tour

Two-day tours to the Chernobyl exclusion zone are perfect for true adventurers, who want to take a closer look at The Zone and its objects, to learn the subject of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster from 30 years ago. During a two-day tour, the travelers will go on a leisured trip to the most memorable places of The 30 km Zone, and they will have a unique opportunity to spend the night in the Chernobyl hotel.

Every group follows a professional guide, who not only provides the information but also watches over the safety of each person along the route. This is for tourists to have the opportunity to get answers to all of their questions immediately.

Two-day tour program:

  • Control at the “Dityatki” checkpoint;
  • Settlements Zalessye and Kopachi with abandoned buildings;
  • wonderful Red Forest, covered with radioactive dust;
  • unique nature, which has been developing after the disaster without human involvement;
  • Pripyat and its iconic locations (famous hotel «Polessye», hospital, which wounded liquidators were taken to in the first days after the disaster, abandoned dock, amusement park, which was to be opened);
  • trip to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (examination of Sarcophagus, a trip to the fire station, park and memorial);
  • secret object Chernobyl-2 (giant arrays of «Duga-1» radar, which were supposed to track the launches of ballistic missiles);
  • a walk through the Chernobyl city (checking into the hotel with dinner and breakfast);
  • visit the little-known experimental base of radiation biology of animals;
  • trip to the Paryshev village to meet special people – samosely, who can tell you from personal experience about the disaster in the Chernobyl exclusion zone and further life of ordinary people after this disaster.

You shouldn’t worry about the radiation background, because it’s the same in Chernobyl as in Kyiv, and the entire route of the two-day tour is laid on the safe places. During the tour, you will receive a radiation dose equal to a two-hour jet flight.

The two-day tour to the most exotic place in Ukraine will give you a lot of emotions, experiences and unforgettable memories. So you should go there right now to see these amazing objects with your own eyes because the number of artifacts decreases, buildings fall down and people die from year to year.