Tours to Chernobyl

One day tour
1 day
1 unforgetable day
3 posts dosimetric control
25 exciting stops in the soviet past
150+ abandoned buildings
200+ awesome photos
Two-day tour
2 days
2 unforgetable day
7 posts dosimetric control
40 exciting stops in the soviet past
200+ abandoned buildings
500+ awesome photos
Multi-day tours to Chernobyl
3-7 day
3-7 unforgetable day
14 posts dosimetric control
40+ exciting stops in the soviet past
300+ abandoned buildings
800+ awesome photos
Exclusive tour
1+ days
2 unforgetable day
7 posts dosimetric control
40 exciting stops in the soviet past
200+ abandoned buildings
500+ awesome photos
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Chernobyl exclusive tours

After each exhausting long journey, a normal person always wants to relax. The concept of “rest” is different for many, but the main components always coincide – warm water in the shower, good sleep on a comfortable bed and, importantly, a delicious breakfast. These criteria help not only to regain strength and prepare for various types of activities, but also are responsible for the general impressions received from the vacation.

If you are going on a multi-day tour of the Chernobyl zone, where every day there are dozens of kilometers traveled, lots of emotions, hundreds of obstacles overcome and a lot of acquaintances, then a night in a warm bed in a personal room will be a welcome gift for you at the end of such a day.

The exclusion zone attracts lovers of new thrills: forbidden objects, untouched flora and fauna, amazing homes, dead cities and villages – all this can be seen on the territory of the 30-kilometer zone. To look at a truly unique place with a sad history, not only residents of nearby regions go, but also tourists from near and far abroad. For most of those who come from far away, one-day tours are not interesting; they opt for two-day or multi-day excursions.

It is not surprising that in a multi-day tour it is simply impossible to do without a hotel. You can stay at night in the exclusion zone, there are a couple of constantly operating hotels ready to shelter daredevil tourists. Predicting and outstripping issues of the majority, it is important to immediately note that although hotels are located in the halls of the Chernobyl Zone, staying in them is absolutely safe for health. The radiation background in hotel rooms does not exceed the permissible norm; in other words, it does not differ from the background of large cities. The Ten Hotel, for example, is located 20 km from the nuclear power plant, in the very center of the Chernobyl zone, but this does not stop hundreds of travelers from staying overnight. “Ten” is no different from other budget hotels in Ukraine: simple rooms with cosmetic repairs and showers, a cafe on site. But they do not settle in this hotel for the sake of high-class comfort, but for the full set of sensations from the 30-kilometer exclusion zone.

If you are not ready to spend the night on the territory of Chernobyl, this is not a problem. Near the zone there are many hotels, hostels, hotel and entertainment complexes, ready to provide you with their services. The hotel can be selected according to personal criteria and preferences. There are good options for spending the night already in a 30-minute drive from the border of the Chernobyl Zone, which is quite convenient for tourists with a personal vehicle. Many guests from abroad opt for hotels in Kiev, and this is a good opportunity to see not only the exotic exclusion zone, but also the capital of Ukraine. You don’t need to worry about the transfer either, scheduled bus trips to the Exclusion Zone are regularly carried out from Kiev, and you can also agree on personal transportation or renting a car.

A more detailed discussion of hotel options for the night is possible during the purchase of the tour. The wishes of customers are always taken into account, so the pleasure of relaxing is guaranteed!